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We provides services for shipping of loose, bulk (including hazardous) cargoes from river-sea vessels to seagoing vessels with a maximum draft of 16 meters. Since we initiated our first shipping project in 2020, this division has come a long way. We have invested about US$ 30 million in the segment and now run ten projects, employing about 1,100 people. More than 50 million mt have been shipping by LLC Vostok Oil Terminal. We arrange the ocean transportation as well as the transshipment in a safe, cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner.

The business has attracted a portfolio of Oil and Gas international shipping customers by consistently offering the right services and support, when and where they are needed most. An approach is constantly being reviewed and refined as the business takes a long-term approach to all of its interests and partnerships. It currently operates two oil tankers, the Kanpur and the Bareilly, each capable of handling 106,000 tonnes of crude.

Expansion plans for the fleet aim to lift this number to 10 vessels in operation by 2021, which will likely be achieved through the acquisition of existing ships. LLC Vostok Oil Terminal has carved a unique identity for itself as a leading maritime shipping and storage company by offering right services and support, whenever and wherever they are needed the most. Being a leading maritime industry, the firm offers a wide spectrum of services that has attracted a diverse portfolio of international shipping clients.

LLC Vostok Oil Terminal is a leading third-party ship manager of bulk carrier vessels, with significant experience at sea and ashore managing geared and gearless bulk carriers of all sizes. With a global fleet of over 140 bulk carriers, our established global network allows us to share best practices across our large and varied fleet with a convenient choice of geographically spread ship management hubs Safety underpins everything we do. This is reflected in the consistently strong safety performance of our managed fleet of bulk carriers, which continues to improve year on year. Our latest performance data reports that our Lost Time Injury Frequency has dropped 35% in 2019, to average below 0.3. Our Total Recordable Case Frequency (TRCF) average is 1, with a 33% reduction in TRCF cases in 2019, and our track record and reputation for safety and compliance is important.

LLC Vostok Oil Terminal provides charter of ships. We can offer our own fleet or pick up any vessels to provide necessary transportation services to you. Charter of ships is a reliable, affordable and convenient form of transportation. The tramp fleet, managed by LLC Vostok Oil Terminal , is capable of transporting any type of cargo. Tramp fleet doesn’t work under a fixed schedule between designated ports, therefore tramp fleet is more flexible. Freight rates depend on the conditions of shipping, the amount of cargo and it is set by time-charter by mutual agreement.LLC Vostok Oil Terminal operates a modern fleet of multipurpose vessels that meet highest quality standards in shipping. Versatility is given through large, box-shaped cargo holds, full scale tween-decks, heavy cargo strengthened tank-tops and decks, and respective heavy-lift gear. On our vessel we offer container fittings, reefer plugs, and dangerous goods certification for any class.